Green Living

Our holistic approach to gardening lets nature do what it does best with just a little help from us in terms of pruning and tidying. We don’t use any chemicals in what is a truly organic vegetable garden where you will find medicinal teas, more than a dozen types of mints and an abundance of native species of vegetables, herbs and spices. Learn more about our Philosophy in our Manisfesto

Organic Gardens

Our master permaculture gardener  set up our kitchen garden. He taught us about nutrients in the soil and how to naturally resist pests. It made our garden sustainable and introduced us to a whole world of vegetables and herbs we had not previously considered.

Seasonal vegetables and free range eggs add a special ingredient to both the holiday and the meals.

Free Range

With our free range chickens, and orchards of lemon and fruit trees, guests can enjoy homegrown produce all year round as well as local wines, cheeses, fruit and veg.

We ask guests to recycle their organic waste. This is easily done on site, both with the friendly chickens and also with the compost.

Gardens and Meadows

With such beautiful settings, we do everything we can to protect and look after the environment and beautiful natural surroundings.

We intend to continue planting trees and working with the local community to promote preservation of the unique river environment.

River and Birdlife

Down by the river, the abundant vegetation provides a perfect habitat for the richest bird life in the region. Among the hundreds of commonly seen native birds are egrets, eagles, herons and beaters.

In early spring you can catch the migration of the flamingos heading to the second largest breeding grounds in Europe at Fuente de Piedra.


Energy Efficiency

Finca Al Limón Ecolodge is entirely built with sustainable building materials and environmental friendly innovations.

With its environmentally-friendly energy, water and waste systems and solar roof panels for all the hot water, it is a significant example of ecolodge hospitality services.

Remember that instead of a typical vacation, an ecolodge can offer you the opportunity to be a responsible traveler. To this end, Al Limón Ecolodge offers you an educational and participatory experience right in the middle of the Guadalhorse Nature Reserve.