But First, Let’s Talk About Cane Straws

By 25th April 2019Uncategorised

But First, Let’s Talk About Cane Straws

Welcome to Al Limon’s first ever blog post. As you well know, or might not know but soon will, Al Limon prides itself on being the most eco-sustainable country villa in the south of Spain. Our stubborn team have as it’s goal to not just be the best at what we do in the South of Spain but in the whole of Spain, or even better, all of Europe!

We have our own orchard, beautiful fat chickens that give us delicious eggs every morning, solar panels to make our water warm, dozens of lemon trees to make gin and tonics, oops, I mean lemonade. However, there’s something that as an ecolodge we still can’t seem to rid ourselves completely no matter the efforts, and that’s plastic.

During eco-festivals, group events, extra-scholastic activities, yoga retreats etc we give our clients the best quality local food and drink, served of course on non-plastic plates and cutlery. The hard plastic cups that we use by the pool area are washed and re-used or taken home as small finca souvenirs. But, we still have the same recurring issue that bothers us all: straws.

Let’s be honest here, straws are wonderful, sometimes even decorative but we don’t really need them. According to Ayana Elizabeth Johnson founder of Ocean Collective “plastic straws are one of the top five items found in beach clean ups” which is quite worrisome considering the fact that they’re not of primary necessity. She also states that if we don’t do anything about our excessive use of disposable plastic “we will have more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050”, not too far away now!

Being so close to the sea Al Limon is very aware of the impact that our lack of action as a community is having on our beaches. This is why we have decided to slowly follow in the footsteps of huge multinationals such as Starbucks (yes, I know!) and reduce our use of plastic straws, with the aim to completely eliminate them from our pantries.

But hey, what about people with disabilities who physically cannot drink without the aid of a straw?

No worries my friend, we have your back. There are many alternatives to one use plastic straws, some made with biodegradable material, with bamboo or even inox. We will make sure that who ever actually needs straw will have a better more eco friendly version! And if you don’t need one but you like drinking your mojitos with “style” we’ll have a non disposable option for you too!

Everything for Everyone here at the finca. Live the experience!