The document in your hands is very important for us. It is, at the same time, a guide that will explain why this is not a conventional hotel and a record of our learning process, experimentation and dissemination of more sustainable habits and practices Of course it is not mandatory that you read it to stay / work with us, but we are convinced that the information that we have condensed here can be very enriching for you, so we invite you to take advantage of some of your rest moments to read -al Behind this document there are mainly three objectives: 1-Expose our vision of the world.2-Contagiate other people with our interest in doing things in a way that is more respectful of the planet.3-Share ideas that can be applied in other similar initiatives, in your office, your university, your coworking space, in your home, everywhere. We hope that in tell interesting and inspiring information, and that you encourage us to be, together with us, part of the change we need to preserve the wealth of this wonderful planet.

About Us  at Finca Al Limón Ecolodge

As you have probably already noticed, it is not a conventional hotel or a common event space. Most spaces like ours or conventional ones tend to work under the logic of waste and “comfort at any price” … and we do not believe that this is a fair way – nor logical! – to operate on a planet that has limited resources, and that is inhabited by intelligent and sensitive people, who know that they can find real comfort without destroying their environment. That “comfort at any price” that conventional hotels tend to offer is happening to the planet for years, and we are all paying for it, facing increasingly violent and unpredictable climatic events, increasingly fragile ecosystems, air every more and more polluted, fresh and drinking water increasingly scarce. In short: an impoverished and at risk planet, as a result -among other things- that we have become accustomed to looking away, not to face the impact generated by our daily actions … and also the not so everyday, as travel and spend a few days in a hotel, cottage or attend a special event. That is why we want to offer a different experience, show you that comfort and wellbeing do not have to be synonymous with wasting resources, and that it is perfectly possible to enjoy your trip and your days of rest without that implies leaving behind you a wake of environmental destruction and social imbalance.