Leisure and Sports

Free time and sport go hand in hand and there are few sports that are not better in the sun. Finca Al Limón has a store of facilities and free to use equipment. Between the on site options, large sports stadium facilities and nature sports locations near Cártama there are few sports missing.


At the Premises

  • beach football
  • volleyball
  • petanque
  • pool yoga
  • table tennis
  • billiard
  • cycling, walking & fishing

In or Near the Village

  • horse riding
  • two gyms
  • a skate park
  • tennis courts
  • raquet ball
  • cricket
  • rugby


Not Far Away

  • golf
  • karting
  • squash
  • sailing
  • motorbiking
  • quad biking
  • rock climbing El Chorro

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